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Persecution of Pastors in Malaysia

One year ago this month, Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh was abducted in the middle of the day on a busy street. Witnesses said that several black SUVs surrounded Pastor Koh. They took him from his car with “military-like” precision. Pastor Koh hasn’t been seen since.  

Persecution in Malaysia

The pastor’s family was in the spotlight over the past year. They used those opportunities to call for a fair and thorough investigation into his abduction. Also, they spoke out against the way the Malaysian police handled the case. Many people suspect that a powerful Islamic group is responsible for Pastor Koh’s abduction. Because of this, police have been slow to act. Also, people questioned Pastor Koh’s family about the pastor’s activities with non-Christians, specifically Muslims. This further complicated the investigation into his disappearance.

People know Pastor Koh in Malaysia for his humanitarian work among people whom society typically casts aside. For example, this includes single mothers, drug addicts, and people with HIV. He and his family diligently served their community for many years. They showed the love of Christ through their service.

Recently, the family had a flicker of hope. The Malaysia Human Rights Commission launched a public inquiry into the pastor’s disappearance. The commission conducted interviews and reviewed evidence. They uncovered evidence detailing the moment of the abduction and revealing more about the people responsible.

Frustration in Malaysia

After just 11 days into the public inquiry, the commission received a letter from the Malaysian police to halt their investigation. In what appears as a suspicious arrest of a man formerly cleared in the abduction case, the police now claim that the public inquiry cannot continue while the case is pending in court.

This new turn of events frustrates many Malaysians, especially after a year of not knowing what really happened to Pastor Koh. Yet another wall has been put up by Malaysian police to block people from finding out who is responsible for the pastor’s disappearance.

Pastor Koh’s case is well known. However, he is not the only Christian in Malaysia abducted in recent years. For instance, at least three other individuals have also been taken in a similar “military-like” manner. Just as with Pastor Koh, all are still missing. These disappearances shake the church in Malaysia. Many fear what might happen to them if people suspect them of ministering to Muslims and other non-Christians.

Pray for Malaysia

Please pray for Pastor Raymond Koh and his family. Ask that he might be found. Pray for the justice of his captors. Pray also for his family as they wait for news of what happened to him. Also, pray for them to be bold witnesses for Christ even during this difficult time.

In addition, pray for the freeing of the three other abducted Christians in the last few years. Pray for a reunion with their families. Many Christians in Malaysia fear the same fate of abduction. Many Christian face persecution in Malaysia. In addition, pray for the church to be strong. Ask God to help them reach out to non-Christians with the hope of the gospel.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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