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An Invitation to Share Your Faith

“Have you had your blood pressure taken lately?”

It’s a simple, honest question. It’s a question that I use to initiate conversations with Muslim women in my neighborhood. In this area of Asia, while people may have access to basic healthcare, most are unable to attain it because of financial hardships. Those who do see a physician may be prescribed medicine that may be too expensive to take regularly.

On that particular day, a friend and I saw a group of older ladies sitting outside an apartment building. They were just sitting, chatting. On a whim, or maybe the Father’s prodding, we approached these ladies and asked that question. Their eyes lit up and then quickly narrowed.

“How much do you charge?” was the question they immediately asked.

“It’s free. We just want to help you.”

An Open Door to Share Your Faith

Immediately, stools were pulled up and a crowd formed. Clothing was being felt to determine thickness. Those with thin sleeves simply stuck out their arms towards me. Thicker-sleeved ladies began to pull their sleeves up in a hurry. No one wanted to miss out.

Once the chaos died down, the questions started. We were strangers to them but welcomed warmly. And because it’s appropriate to answer a question with a question, we fired back. The genuine laughter and warmth of these ladies made the conversation easy.

I asked one lady, who kind of rose above the others as the leader of the group, what she did every day. She quickly replied that she went to the mosque every day to study and be taught.

Answers like this are an open door. An invitation to discuss faith. An invitation to share faith.

Upon learning that we followed Jesus, she excitedly said, “Our religions are a lot alike!” This statement is what I like to hear. Because my Jesus stands alone above the rest, I can share the difference.

God is Preparing Hearts

This precious lady heard about Jesus that day. She even ran into her home and carefully brought out her copy of the Word. However, while she owned a copy, she openly shared that she didn’t read it often because she just couldn’t understand it.

How gracious is the Father to lead us to those hearts He is preparing! While that lady made no great change of heart or faith that day, she heard the greatest story she could ever hope to hear in a way that she could understand it. All because we showed genuine concern for her physical health, we were able to love her spiritually as well.

Would you pray for this sweet lady and her friends who heard the Good News and are open to understanding more about the Word?

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