Gender. Sexuality. Artificial Intelligence. Race. Justice. Genomics. The Metaverse.

Life seems complicated these days. Fragmented even. And everyone has an opinion. But what does the Bible say about all of these issues? About YOU? About ME? About the 7 billion people that fill every street, town, campus, village, apartment, and neighborhood on earth?

Friday, April 29, 2022
7:00 pm - 1:00 am EDT
Stream Live Anywhere
Featuring David Platt

Participating in the Secret Church livestream is easy. You can stream from your church, home, office, or anywhere you have an internet connection.


Radical’s Secret Church is a unique, one-night event that will be streamed online to more than 50,000 participants around the world. Encouraged by our persecuted brothers’ and sisters’ example, we will meet for close to 6 hours for intense study of God’s Word and passionate prayer for the persecuted.


STUDY Take a 6 hour deep dive into Scripture to discern wisdom and truth.

PRAY This year we will pray for the church in Afghanistan. The recent Taliban overthrow has increased human rights violations including violence against women, kidnapping, torture, and religious persecution. Afghanistan has high levels of terrorism, poverty, child malnutrition, and corruption. Only .051% of the population is Christian. Together we will pray and provide support for the church in Afghanistan.

GO Leverage your life. Walk away encouraged to live on mission.


Anyone can participate in the Secret Church livestream! Make sure to register in advance. All you need in order to join us is a computer/device and an internet connection. We encourage you to gather with your church, small group, friends, or family to participate.

Yes! The Secret Church livestream is a web-based broadcast and can be viewed in your church, home, school, workplace, or anywhere in the world.

Yes. You can delay the start of the livestream if the start time does not work for you. You will have access to the livestream through May 31, so you can replay the video any time during that period.

We will send a clickable access code to the email account used to register for Secret Church a few days before the event.

Donate online or mail a check made out to Radical to:

Attn: Secret Church
PO BOX 380602
Birmingham, AL 35238

Send us an email and our team will work to get an answer to your question.

The Secret Church simulcast will start on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 7:00 pm EDT and should finish around 1:00 am on Saturday, April 30.

You will receive an email with a download link for the PDF Study Guide in March.

Physical Study Guides will also be shipped in March.

Sadly we are unable to ship outside the U.S.


Years ago, David Platt taught and ministered among underground Asian house churches where believers were forced to gather in secret, sometimes at the risk of their own lives due to hostility from the government, from the surrounding community, and even from their own families. Secret Church is an opportunity for us to gather and intensely study the Bible and pray like and for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

04. Study Guide

05. Registration


Early Rates are discounted through January 31, 2022

1 ticket: $21  ($25)
5 tickets: $72  ($85)
25 tickets: $320  ($375)
50 tickets: $510  ($600)




Registration includes a free physical* copy + digital copy of the Study Guide.

*physical copies can only be mailed to U.S. addresses. 


The teaching of Scripture that man and woman are made in the image of God is critical to our understanding of the gospel. We are made in the image of God, but due to the fall of mankind into sin, our imaging of God is now marred—not completely lost but marred. There’s only one ideal human who’s ever walked the face of the earth. Our human experience causes us to ache for something better, and not just something better, but Someone better.