Radical's Training Program

Located in Western Asia, Radical’s Training Center allows global workers to live among the unreached and experience full cultural immersion while gaining language and culture acquisition skills and instruction from seasoned, global workers with years of experience in the field. In addition to providing biblical instruction, the Radical Training Center aims to help future global workers develop the resiliency and practical skills necessary to make disciples and plant churches among some of the hardest-to-reach people and places on earth.

Radical defines a global worker as follows: a disciple of Jesus set apart by the Holy Spirit, sent out from the church to cross geographic, cultural, and/or linguistic barriers as part of a team of global workers that is making disciples and planting a church (or churches) with the goal of spreading the gospel among unreached peoples and places. Due to the specific aims of Radical Training, this program focuses on equipping global workers who plan to serve among people and places where there is little or no access to the gospel.


Radical’s 8-month training program includes the following courses:

  • God’s Mission in the Bible 
  • Jesus’ Mission in the Gospels 
  • The Apostles’ Mission in Acts and the Epistles 
  • Culture and Language Acquisition 
  • Culture and Mission 
  • Cross-Cultural Church Planting 
  • Business in Mission 
  • Life on the Field

Applications for the 2023/24 program year are closed. Applications for our 2024/25 program year will open early June 2023. Sign up to stay informed about the application and other news on the Training Center. 


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The Training Center is for men and women who desire to be a part of a team that plants and supports healthy churches among some of the hardest-to-reach people and places on earth.

We are looking for men, women, families, and singles who:

  • Have godly character and lifestyle as affirmed by their local church
  • Are committed members of a local church
  • Understand and can effectively communicate the gospel
  • Are at least 24 years of age
  • Are or will soon become potential church planters (elder-qualified) or are able to serve in a support role for a church plant
  • Are intending to go overseas long-term (not simply explore more about missions)

The Training Center is located in Western Asia in a location strategically chosen for its centrality to unreached areas and people groups. Due to security reasons, we cannot disclose more details about the exact location of the training center online.

  • Eight months of training in an overseas context near / central to regions not yet permeated with the gospel. Few training programs of this length take place overseas.
  • Actual language learning (not only linguistics, or how to learn a language).
  • Training led by veteran global workers with years of field work experience.
    • Full-time residential staff
    • Mid-term adjunct (1–2 months), active field workers, mentor students
    • Short-term adjunct (1–2 weeks), Bible scholars, missiologists, and experts in other fields
  • Development of daily-life rhythms for a foreign context alongside veteran mentors
  • Process that includes difficulties and pressures that form character necessary to serve long-term among the unreached.
  • Involvement with a business team that will be active in consulting for cross-cultural business. Students can work as apprentices for businesses near the Training Center location.

In the community surrounding the Training Center.

Of course! Spouses and children are welcome and encouraged to join a trainee at the Training Center.

  • Pray for God to raise up global workers from your church
  • Identify members of your church who meet the criteria
    • Encourage them to apply online
    • Set up a meeting to meet with a Radical team member to discuss the details before applying
  • Prepare / disciple members of your church who could be potential applicants in the future
  • Provide ongoing prayer support and potentially financial support

The upcoming program year will take place August 2023 – May 2024. Applications for the 2024/25 program year should open early June 2023.

The total tuition cost per student will be approximately $19,000. In addition to education costs, tuition includes housing and two meals per week. Additional costs could include $2,000 per child and an estimated $6,000 of out-of-pocket costs for travel, insurance, books, food, etc.

Details on payment schedules, fundraising, and more will be shared throughout the application / enrollment process.

Contact our team at [email protected] or 205-547-2710