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How Christians Can Pray for the Crisis in Sudan

If you’ve noticed the spiraling headlines coming out of the East African nation of Sudan, you may be wondering: What’s happening and what does it mean for those living there?

Sudanese civilians are caught in the crossfire of the power struggle between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group. The clash started on April 15, and the fighting has led to open warfare, with at least 459 dead, over 4,000 injured, and a new refugee crisis in a country that was already hosting 1.1 million refugees.

With the violence worsening daily, here are some ways Christians can pray, asking God to bring restoration, peace, and hope to the millions affected.

Here are some ways Christians can pray, asking God to bring restoration, peace, and hope.

Pray for the Safety of the Sudanese

In the midst of the violent crisis, civilians are caught in the clashes between the two military factions. Most are scrambling to flee, but they are leaving behind their homes, extended family, and friends in uncertainty.

The Sudanese remaining in the country face limited access to food and water, and power outages across the city. It is difficult for both civilians and doctors to get to hospitals, and medical supplies are dwindling.

Meanwhile, the Rapid Support Forces have recently seized a laboratory in Khartoum that poses a serious security concern. The lab is home to measles, polio, and cholera pathogens, and other hazardous materials. These pathogens could be weaponized.

Pray that neighboring countries will welcome those seeking to escape the violence and danger. Pray for the Lord to provide essential supplies and medical care for those who cannot flee. And pray that he would comfort those hurting and afraid.

Pray for the Cease of Fighting

Sudan has a history of oppressive dictators. In the current conflict, the Sudanese army is supporting General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the country’s de facto ruler. The Rapid Support Forces are supporting General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, a former warlord known as a Hemedti.

The strife between the warring generals makes hopes for a civilian-led government look bleak.

Pray for the Lord to establish peace. We know that God is the one who appoints leaders, and we can pray for him to appoint just rulers to govern Sudan (Proverbs 21:1).

Pray for the Sudanese to Know the True Hope and Peace Found in Christ

Tensions, fear, and violence appear to be overpowering Sudan right now. For many years, many civilians, including Christians, have been oppressed in an Islamic country that often denies basic human rights and equality. Open Doors USA reports: “Christians are still vulnerable to extreme persecution in public and private life, particularly if they have converted from Islam, and the government hasn’t put real protections in place for Christians and other religious minorities.”

In a country where religious freedom is limited, we know that God is still at work in Sudan and can use even the darkest times to bring people to himself. No earthly leader will be able to bring complete freedom and peace. Pray for God to point the Sudanese to himself so they may experience the joy found in salvation through Christ.

Pray also for our Sudanese brothers and sisters in Christ to be strengthened in the midst of religious persecution and violence, and to remember the hope of the gospel. Pray for Christians in Sudan to be lights in the darkness, so they can share the good news of the gospel with others. And as we pray, may the God of peace be swift to bring his justice and goodwill to the land.

Selah Vetter

Selah Vetter is a Content Writer at Radical. She is a graduate of Samford University where she studied Journalism and Spanish. She is a member of Redeemer Community Church.


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