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Don’t Underestimate God (John 6:9)

Hi, this is David Platt. I want to thank you for praying God’s word with us through this podcast and I wanted to let you know that this series of Pray The Word that we’re in right now is a little different from what you may be used to as far as just taking one book of the Bible and going chapter by chapter successively one after the other. So, let me give a little context behind what we’ve been doing and what we’ll be doing for the next few months of Pray The Word. The church that I have the privilege of pastoring, McLean Bible church in greater Washington DC, we are reading and studying through the story of scripture together this year. We started in Genesis 1 and we’ve been walking through a Bible reading plan that’s six days a week where we are covering the story of the Bible chronologically so we’re going from Genesis to Revelation and along the way we’re looking at different parts of the Bible as they appear in time not just book after book in the Bible. But to see how the whole big picture story of scripture fits together.

This Bible reading plan has about one to two chapters a day. So, for Pray The Word what I’m doing is taking one verse from that day’s reading and letting it lead us to pray. And then the next day do the same and the next day. So what that means is we are not hitting every chapter in the Bible. Over the course of this Bible reading plan we won’t read every single chapter in scripture just going a chapter or two a day over the course of about 10 months. Instead, we’re taking select texts and seeing them in chronological order not necessarily in the order we see them in the Bible.

I hope though, that this will be helpful as you’re tracking along even if you’re not following along this Bible reading plan that we’re using, which you’re more than welcome to use. You can go to McLean Bible. But I hope this will be helpful for you even if you’re not reading along the Bible reading plan with our church, which you’re more than welcome to do. But I hope this will be helpful for you as you track along. You’re obviously welcome to join in this Bible reading plan that we’re walking through if you’d like. I certainly don’t want to pull you away from anything you or your local church are doing. But if you don’t have a Bible reading plan you can download this one by clicking the link in the episode description or by going to Again, that’s and you can join in the journey with us through the story of scripture six days a week walking through these texts. And Pray The Word will be on a different part of the story of scripture from one of those texts every single day.

And then on the seventh day, what we’re doing is taking a Proverb and just working successively through different Proverbs for that seventh day. So, my hope is after walking through this kind of series in Pray The Word over 10 months we will have literally prayed through the whole story of scripture in a way that I hope will serve the church I pastor. For those of you who are a part of the McLean Bible Church family, as we’re walking through this story of scripture or for those who want to join in as well. And then even if you’re not reading through that Bible reading plan together I hope this will be an encouragement for you to pray through the story of scripture.

So, that’s the plan for the next few months or so of Pray The Word to keep praying through the story of scripture six days a week, walking through that story, and the seventh day letting a Proverb drive us to prayer. And I look forward to seeing what God does in and through our hearts as we pray through this amazing, glorious, global Story of redemption from cover to cover in the Bible.

“There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish but what are they for so many?”

I trust many of us know this story, the feeding of over 5,000 people. And it all started with a boy who had five barley loaves, loaves of bread, and two fish. And the question here is obvious. What is that going to do for 5,000 people, five loaves of bread and two fish? As I sit around the dinner table with my family and my growing kids and growing number of kids, we have four Lord willing in the process of adopting number five, and five loaves and two fish won’t necessarily feed these hungry mouths around my table, much less 5,000 people. 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish.

The picture in John 6 is that your life in the hands of Jesus can be used in ways far beyond what you can ask or imagine.

Don’t underestimate what can happen when a small amount of gifts is put into the hands of Jesus to use for his glory, for the glory of the father, among multitudes of people. Don’t underestimate for a second what can happen when just a little bit is put in the hands of Jesus. I want to encourage your life today. Do not underestimate what God can and will and wants to do through your life, through the gifts, the skills, the resources, the talents, the education, the opportunities that God has entrusted to you. Don’t let this bypass you. Just like, “Surely he’s talking to someone else, somebody who’s really gifted or.” That’s the whole point of this story. It was five loaves and two fish. It looked like nothing. You may think, “What do I have to give when it comes to the Kingdom of God? What do I have to give when it comes to the mission of God in the world?” Your life in the hands of Jesus can be used in ways far beyond what you can ask or imagine. That’s the picture here in John chapter six for the glory of God.

So, I want to encourage you in a fresh way today to surrender your gifts, your life, your resources, put them in the hands of Jesus and say in a fresh way today, “Here I am. Use me for your glory, right where I live, wherever you lead me, however you want to use me.” And don’t underestimate what happens when we say that before God on a day by day basis when we bring our figurative loaves of barley and two fish to him on a daily basis see what he does.

Oh God, we praise you. We praise you for your power. We praise you for your glory on display in this story as you miraculously took a little bit of food and fed thousands of people with it. All glory be to your name and we praise you for the way you did it through a boy with barley loaves and a couple of fish and the way you work today. How you have chosen to show your might, and your glory, and your power through us through little gifts we have that we bring to the table we offer before you and you use in ways far beyond what we can ever do on our own.

This little boy with five loaves and two fish can feed a few people but in your hands this fed 5,000 people. God, please help us to put all that we have into your hands. All of our gifts, skills, education, experience, resources, money, talent, time, all of it God, take it all today. We lay it before you today and we pray use us for your glory and don’t let us underestimate what our lives can do in your hands in the lives of others who were in need, in the lives of others who need to see your grace and see your glory on display. God, please, please, please use our lives as instruments for your glory maximally. God, I pray for that in my own life. God, I want to be using maximally for your glory today and tomorrow in every facet of my life. I know I’ve only got a little bit of time on this earth.

Please cause my life to count maximally for your glory. And God I pray that for others who are listening right now. God, I pray that you would take their lives and all that you’ve entrusted to them. Every good gift is from your hand. And you would take it, take it from them, and use it to be a blessing to others. Use it to show your glory, your love, your grace, your provision, your power, your might in the lives of others around us, those who are listening, my life. God, please, please use our lives. Take our lives today as offerings to be used as instruments for your fame in ways far beyond why we can ask, or imagine, or ever expect. May it be so we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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David Platt serves as pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. He is the founder and chairman of Radical. He is the author of several books, including Radical, Radical Together, Follow Me, Counter Culture, and Something Needs to Change.

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