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Ready to Give My Life

Hamid* is an Iranian Christian who fled his country because of religious persecution. His life took a radical turn from drug addiction when he found faith in Jesus Christ. He shared with us about life as a persecuted Iranian Christian and his hope for his country.

Hamid’s Story

Here’s Hamid on what life is like for Muslims who turn to Christ:

As Muslim background believers (MBBs) it is really difficult for us. We have bad circumstances in Iran. The government is against us. We cannot have worship, prayer, or fellowship together [publicly] at all. Believers have to keep their faces hidden and participate in underground churches. There is no organization to support them.

And what can happen if the government catches them:

Many bad things happen to us if we are discovered. I, myself, spent eight days in jail without any way to tell my family if I was okay. Before I could explain to anyone what happened, the authorities wrote down a statement from me. I lost my job. My children were no longer allowed to go to school. They persecuted me and my family a lot.

Ready To Give His Life

Yet, Hamid is not dismayed. In fact, he is willing to risk everything for Jesus:

But it doesn’t matter. God is using that. Because Jesus saved me from a place where I was almost dead [in drug addiction], now I am ready to give my life for him. I am ready to sacrifice my life for Jesus.

He has had the opportunity to turn his back on Jesus for an easier life.

They told me, “Deny Jesus and we will let you live freely.” But Jesus already laid in my heart that I could not deny him at all.

He notes the irony of being a criminal because of his faith in Christ:

When I was addicted I used to steal and nobody came to ask me why. But when I came to know Jesus as the true God, the government came and arrested me.

God Is On the Move

But God is on the move in Iran:

God is doing great and amazing work right now in Iran. Thousands of people are giving their hearts to Jesus Christ right now. Satan is going to resist us. The government is going to be against us, but Jesus has the victory over Satan.

And Hamid has dreams for the country he has now fled from:

I hope one day all Iranians will be Christians and we will be able to worship God in our country freely. I believe that God is really zealous for this land, and he is going to take it back from Satan.

Please take a moment to pray for Iranian Christians to remain bold under persecution. Pray for their witness to spread far and wide and for Iran to be filled with people who know and love Jesus Christ.

*Name changed for security purposes.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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