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Hearing the Word of God (Isaiah 2:3)

“All of the nations shall travel to him. Many people shall come and they shall say, ‘Come let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh, to the house of the God of Jacob and may he teach us part of his ways and let us walk in his paths for instructions shall go out from Zion and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem.'”
– Isaiah 2:3

Oh, what an awesome picture that this verse paints of all the nations and many peoples coming to Zion, to the mountain of Yahweh, to the place where they can hear God’s word and his instruction can come to them from Jerusalem that they might hear God’s word and walk in God’s paths and experience God’s blessing. That’s the picture we have in Isaiah 2. Now think about the Great Commission we have in Matthew 28, “Go make disciples of all the nations, all the peoples, baptizing them and the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them, instructing them in everything God has commanded us.”

Isaiah 2:3 Reminds us of the Power of the Gospel

That’s the picture that you and I get to be a part of, the fulfillment of Isaiah 2, us going to the nations with the power of the spirit of God in us, the word of God, before us sharing with all the people starting right around us and far from us spreading the good news of God’s word, of God’s grace, of God’s love, of who God is and how God saves.

The reality is one day, Revelation 5 and 7 make clear every nation tribe, people, and language will be brought in, into the kingdom, will have heard the word of God, and will be celebrating the worship of God. Let’s live for this vision today because this is where all of history is headed. Let’s live today to spread the word of God to people right around us and to spread the word of God, to pray, and to give and live so the word of God spreads to all of the nations, to all of the peoples.

Isaiah 2:3 Praises God for His Word

Oh God, we pray for this. We praise you for the privilege to be a part of this. God, we praise you that we’ve heard your word, that your instruction has come to us who are listening to this right now, that we have the gospel, that we have the good news of your grace and your love in our hearts, in our lives, our families and our churches, all glory be to your name that we’re part of this end gathering of the nations, that we know we’re going to be here around that throne on that day in Revelation 7, by your grace, by your mercy, thank you, God. Thank you.

Isaiah 2:3 Helps Us to Spread God’s Word

God help us to spread your instruction, to spread your word, to spread your teaching. That the more and more nations may walk in your paths. God, for people, as we’re praying this month for Afghanistan, for people all across Afghanistan to hear your word and walk in your paths. God, we pray for your blessing on churches there. We pray specifically today for missionaries and pastors. Help them to reconnect with brothers and sisters in Christ who have been scattered. Reconnect them with those who have been misplaced since the Taliban took over. God, we pray for your help for your church there. We pray that your word might strengthen them and that your word might spread through them.

God, we pray for the spread of your instruction, your word to scatter all throughout Afghanistan, that more and more people might hear the good news of who you are and what Jesus has done for our salvation, for their salvation, for the salvation of every tribe and tongue and people and language, God, please bring it about we pray. In Afghanistan and all over the world and use our lives toward this end to see this vision. The vision presented in Isaiah 2, Revelation 5 and 7, and Matthew 28, to see it become reality. We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

David Platt serves as pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. He is the founder and chairman of Radical. He is the author of several books, including Radical, Radical Together, Follow Me, Counter Culture, and Something Needs to Change.

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