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Bountiful Blessings (Psalm 13:6)

“I will sing to the Lord because he has dealt bountifully with me.”
-Psalm 13:6

What a great verse Psalm 13:6 is. Just pause today and think about the ways God has dealt bountifully with you. I know some of you are listening to this and maybe you’re going through a particularly challenging time right now, or maybe it’s hard to think about this, but this is when maybe it’s most healthy to think about all the ways God has dealt bountifully with you. If you’re going through really good times right now, it’s really good to think about this, because it’s a good reminder that the good times are only there because of God’s provision. Just pause and think in your life how has God dealt bountifully with you. How has God blessed you?

Ponder in your own life how God has dealt bountifully with you.

This Verse Reminds Us God Gave Us A Bountiful Blessing

I hope, I trust that one of the first things if not the first thing that comes to your mind is the gospel, God’s love in Christ. Talk about bountiful. God has forgiven our sins through faith in Jesus. God has given us eternal life through faith in Jesus. That’s bountiful blessing. Even if there was nothing else in our lives, that would be bountiful, eternal blessing.

Then on top of that, think about people that he’s blessed you with in your life. Think about circumstances he’s brought about for you to come to know the gospel, for you to experience life with those people. Think about the physical material blessings that he has bountifully given you. Then just think about basic things like food. There’s a lot of people today right now who are struggling for food. If you have access to three meals a day, that’s bountiful blessing. I mean huge, like overflowing blessing. I think about just the intangible things of the time I had with the Lord this morning, the Bible. Talk about a bountiful blessing, his word.

Psalm 13:6 Blesses God For All He Has Done For Us

You just keep going. You just go in all kinds of different directions. I would encourage you, spend five minutes today just saying, “God, thank you for this. God, thank you for this. God, thank you for this.” Just soak in his bountiful blessings, and what it will cause is a singing in your soul.

Oh, God, we praise you. If I had a better voice to use on a podcast like this, I would sing right now. I glory your name. I worship you. We worship you for your bountiful blessings in our lives. You’re so good. You’re so gracious. So generous. You’re so giving. You’re so merciful. You have given so much, and more, and more, and more. Even today, I come asking for more and you give it. I ask for daily bread, and you provide it. God, I ask for your blessing in this way or that way in my life, and you provide it. Your leadership in my life in this way or that way, and you provide it. You just don’t stop giving. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want because you are constantly giving.

We sing to you, oh God. In our hearts we sing to you because you have dealt bountifully with us. All glory be to your name, the bountiful God who blesses beyond what we could ever deserve, beyond what we could imagine. We sing to you because you have dealt bountifully with us. In Jesus’ name we sing, amen.

David Platt serves as pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. He is the founder and chairman of Radical. He is the author of several books, including Radical, Radical Together, Follow Me, Counter Culture, and Something Needs to Change.

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