Uncleanliness Next to Godliness - Radical

Uncleanliness Next to Godliness

Unclean. Dirty. Filthy. Those words produce strong connotations. We may think of the homeless or the dispossessed. Or perhaps our minds wander to the impoverished here and around the world. Rarely if ever do we think of ourselves in those terms. Yet that is precisely how the Bible communicates our righteousness in comparison to God’s. We are unclean through our deeds past and present, our bad attitudes, our thought-life, and in other ways we don’t even contemplate. But there is Good News for the ungodly. In this sermon, we journey into the Gospel of Mark to see a Savior who is not only able but willing to cleanse us from all unrighteousness

Bart is the Senior Pastor at Christ Fellowship Church. He is an Alabama native and has lived in the Birmingham area since 2009. He and his wife Leslie met sometime during kindergarten (they guess), began dating during high school, and have been married since 1998. Before planting Christ Fellowship Church, Bart served as Pastor for Biblical Training at The Church at Brook Hills. During his spare time, Bart enjoys reading, coffee, and coaching youth sports. He and Leslie have four children: Rachel, Jonathan, Abigail, and Isaac.

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