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Vast Lostness and Opportunity

David Platt speaks about his latest trip overseas in this excerpt from our most recent Radical Together podcast. He talks about his opportunity to bring the gospel to the lost, unreached peoples groups.  Listen to the full interview on our website or on iTunes.

Bringing the Gospel to the Lost

My last overseas trip was a humbling, challenging, and encouraging trip to a remote area in North Africa. The people group we were working among has about 2 million people and only about 150 believers at most. Almost everyone in that people group doesn’t have access to the gospel. It was really humbling to meet with the believers in that people group.

We probably met with about 15 – 20% of the believers in that people group. We had an opportunity to encourage them and gather together with them in a secret location for worship.  It was the kind of worship gathering where everyone turns in their cell phones at the beginning, and when you sing, you sing pretty quietly.  But we had time to encourage them from the Word, pray with them, celebrate the Lord’s Supper with this house church, and build them up. And then when went out and through some creative means sharing the gospel with those who had never heard it.

One day in particular we were out in a remote village on a mountain top. You just look for miles and miles and around. You see mountains and villages scattered around and you realize in this one particular location in all the miles you can see there is only one believer and it’s the guy you’re staying with. I was just reminded of the vast lostness in the world and the opportunities we have to get the gospel to them that we must take.

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