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Unreached: The Hani People

Vietnam has 74 unique people groups with their own languages and cultures. Of these 74, only 3 are considered to be reached with the gospel, and 23 of them are still unengaged, unreached people groups. This post highlights an unreached people group called the Hani. Read about the people group and take time to pray for this people group to turn to Jesus Christ.

Who are the Hani?

Hani legends tell of a lost book containing their own script. As the legend goes, the Creator God wrote their script on buffalo skin, but during a long journey, the Hani people became hungry and ate the book, leaving them without a written language.

The Hani migrated from China to northern Vietnam about 300 years ago. Today they are in Vietnam, Laos, and China. Over 25,000 of them live in Vietnam, and fewer than 15 are followers of Christ.

They are typically farmers and follow a mixture of religions including Taoism and animism. Currently, the Hani has a few gospel recordings in their own language. Other resources like the Jesus Film are available in a language similar to theirs.

Though efforts are ongoing to reach this people group with the gospel, the group remains an unreached people group.

How to Pray for the Peoples Group

Ask God to plant a deep desire to know the true Creator God in the hearts of the Hani. Pray that the seed of the gospel will be sown in each village where the Hani live. Ask the Lord to call people to take the gospel to them. Pray for the planting of churches in each Hani village.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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