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The Hope-Filled Prayers of Persecuted Iranian Believers

Iranian believers have many reasons to give up hope that their country can change. Persecution in Iran has been a way of life for many years. One believer said that once Iranians become Christians, “persecution is waiting for them.” In a country that has long been closed to Christianity, it would be easy to give in to despair.

Hope Despite Persecution in Iran

Yet, Iranian Christians have not given up. They still hope in the power of God to bring salvation to people all over the country. Radical had the opportunity to hear from several Iranian believers about what they long to see happen inside of Iran. Below are a few of their answers.

Shadi,* who had her daughter taken away because she refused to deny Jesus and is now living outside of Iran, said that Iranians are ready for the gospel:

Iran is a closed country, but the hearts of people are open. They don’t have any hope. Everyone has struggles and challenges—like with drugs, government corruption, and more. But if you talk to them about a God who is alive, who can hear them, they love to hear about him. They are very open and are seeking hope. They want the God who will give them hope.

Shadi also said her hope for these people is for the church to flourish:

I’m waiting to see more people every day coming to the Lord. I would love to see churches become open. God has used the underground church in amazing ways, and people have been coming to the Lord. They are eager to receive the Bible. I pray to God for them to know the truth.

The Gospel in Iran

Yasmin* spent time in prison for her faith in Christ. She is also hopeful that God will make a way for the gospel to spread:

I am praying for God to open new doors so we can share the gospel more. I think we need new ways and strategies to share the gospel with people. Also, I am praying for new doors so that everyone can know about Jesus. . . . They believe there is a God, but they don’t know the truth. When you share with them, they want to have this faith. They want to have Jesus in their lives.

Arash* came to faith after seeing his father miraculously healed. He had to leave his family and friends in Iran because of persecution. He longs to see freedom of religion in Iran:

My hope for Iran is that one day all of us can stand together in the church and praise the Lord together in freedom.

Behrouz* believed in Jesus when a coworker shared the gospel with him. He had to flee Iran because of his faith, and his family doesn’t even know where he is. Although he faced persecution in Iran, he has hopes to see God glorified there:

I really want to go back to Iran with a heart full of love. God will open doors in Iran and take his throne. I pray for that day.

Let’s join with our Iranian brothers and sisters to pray for God to be praised in Iran and for the church to keep working to see people believe in Jesus.

At Secret Church 17 we will be praying for the persecuted church in Iran and for the unreached peoples of Iran to put their faith in Jesus Christ. Learn more about Secret Church or register for the simulcast.

* Names changed for security purposes.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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