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How to Pray for Canada

Canada is a beautiful land to live in. The diverse landscape across our country is breath-taking. The people that inhabit the land are extremely kind, welcoming, and desire to keep the peace with everyone. We are conflict-averse and known for consistently apologizing to one another. When I travel around the globe, most people assume I am American (which I am). But when I tell them that I am Canadian (which I also am), there is usually a delightful sigh followed by, “I love Canadians.” Canada is loved by the world, but we need lots of prayer.

The Need for Prayer in Canada

Though there are small pockets of “Bible-belt” areas in our country, the majority is parading toward a proud secularistic reality. Mario Simard, a member of parliament, is an example of this reality. He is pushing to eliminate the short prayer that starts the House of Commons daily proceedings because he believes that Canada should be pursuing secularism. While the prayer will probably not be voted out, secularism is alive and well in our nation.

Canada Celebrates Assisted Suicide

We celebrate assisted suicides. In fact, this has now moved into the church building. The first example of this is when Betty Sanguin chose to die in the sanctuary of her church, Churchill Park United in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on March 9, 2022. She utilized the celebrated legal procedure known as “MAID” (medical assistance in dying). Up to this point, Canada has only allowed MAID for people with a grievous and irremediable medical condition, but as of March 2023, mental illness will be added to that list. This opens a legal option for death for many who need love, hope, and help.

Canada Promotes Secularism

We celebrate the removal of religion. In the province of Quebec, Bill 21 was passed, which limits certain workers from wearing any religious symbols or apparel. There is no freedom on this. The secular religion is winning.

Canada Restricts a Biblical View of Sexuality

Canada has introduced a bill that could remove the ability to publicly (and potentially in private) speak about gender, marriage, and sexuality as the Bible portrays it. While the limits of this law are yet to be fully seen and experienced, the church is preparing for what implications Bill C-4 could have.

How to Pray for the Church in Canada

I give this small smattering of legal examples to illustrate the air we are breathing in this country. The progression of secularism in Canada should lead the global church to prayer.

Pray for Revival in Canada

We need prayer for revival. This land was called a dominion based on Psalm 72:8, which reads, “He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.” Most of our country does not believe, acknowledge, or receive that. We need a revival to awaken the hearts of the church so that she would be a witness to the beauty of the gospel of Jesus.

Pray for Christians to Rest in the Power of God

We need prayer to rest under the sovereign hand of God. As citizens of Canada we have certain “rights”: the right to protest, vote, and share our opinion about the direction of the country. But ultimately, we must take our place under God. Jesus writes to the church in Philadelphia in Revelation 3:8, “I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” We don’t need to fight for Christian nationalism. We need to believe and trust that God is working out his plan for his people to know Him and make Him known regardless of what we see.

Pray for the Church Not to Compromise

We need prayer to endure and not compromise. In the past, money has been given to churches by the government to do summer projects. A few years ago, it only became possible to receive money if you agreed with a political statement that went against what Christ has called us to. This was a very subtle Nebuchadnezzar-type move. It was only a little money, but some depended on that. They could have it … if they just bowed. In the future (probably very near), these types of decisions will become more prevalent.

Pray for New Workers in Canada

We need prayer for workers to come to Canada. Jesus said that the fields were ready to be harvested, but the workers were few. He told us to pray. Would you pray for the Lord to raise up people in the current Canadian churches as well as the global churches, people who would leave their country and come live and serve the Canadian people?

Pray for Fearlessness

We need prayer to be fearless. We all struggle with fear at some level. But it seems to be a pervading spirit within the church. We are afraid of everything. I am not asking for prayer for us to be obnoxious. But that we would believe Jesus when He said that we don’t have to fear because He is with us. And that we would live our normal lives with gospel intentionality, showing and telling of the Rescuer and King that we all deeply long for.

Pray for Church Multiplication

Finally, please pray for our churches to have a vision beyond themselves. Pray for our churches and their leaders to not only think about multiplying and sending—but actually do it. Pray for unity around the gospel and thinking that is focused on sending out rather than drawing in. We want to see as many gospel outposts as possible so that everyone in our nation would have access to a gospel-centered community.

Canada is a Needy Nation

Thanks for praying for us. If you would like to come and see what is happening in some of the churches across our nation, I would love to introduce you to some. Please consider how the Lord might call you to participate with a very needy nation that is very close to home (if you live in the US).

Dwight Bernier is the Network Director for Acts 29 Canada and founding pastor of Church 21 in Montréal. He and his wife Jessica have four children. Dwight has a great desire to see churches planted all throughout Canada. He enjoys baseball, running, reading, U2, and playing in the city with his family.


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