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Human Trafficking in Vietnam

Vietnam is both a source and a destination for the human trafficking of men, women, and children. Several countries including China, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom receive Vietnamese people who are victims of trafficking. These people then fall victim to sexual and labor exploitation. Vietnam is also a destination for children trafficked into the sex industry.

The causes of human trafficking in Vietnam are vast. Many people fall into false marriages; others are looking for a way out of a situation of poverty or inability to find work. Lack of awareness and a low education level also contribute to the dire situation of human trafficking in Vietnam.

Prayer Requests For Trafficking Victims

Pray for the victims of human trafficking to escape their lives of slavery and be able to recover emotionally and physically. Also, pray that the victims and perpetrators in the trafficking industry will change forever through the gospel of Christ.

For more on Vietnam and how you can pray for the people there, visit

For more on the issue of human trafficking, watch this video about survivors of sex trafficking created by Radio Free Asia.

*Special Note: Some of the contents in the video are graphic and may not be suitable for younger viewers. The organization highlighted in this video is not a Christian ministry. However, this organization is doing important work in the lives of trafficking victims.

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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