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How to Teach the Message of the Bible Creatively?

Can the gospel be proclaimed in other ways besides expository preaching and teaching? Can God use creative teaching methods to draw believers and unbelievers to Himself? In this video, Jackie Hill Perry explains three ways she has creatively taught the Bible’s message to believers and unbelievers. Jackie Hill Perry is a spoken word artist known for her poetry and music abilities, and her work has drawn believers and unbelievers alike to a better understanding of the gospel. Jackie encourages Christians to use their creative gifts to effectively teach the Bible, whether through art, poetry, music, or other forms of creative presentation. God can powerfully use creative, vibrant presentations of the Bible message to uplift, encourage, convict, and challenge all who watch and listen.

  1. Art
  2. Poetry
  3. Music
  4. Creative Presentation

How to Teach the Message of the Bible

I see my work as a poet or artist, with engaging the culture, just a means to teach people biblical truth in a creative way. Now I’m venturing off into music, but with poetry, I’ve been able to go into venues and communicate some solid biblical stuff to people that don’t go to church, won’t go to church, don’t go online and look at Desiring God blogs, or whatever. But they’ll look at a poem, they’ll watch a piece of art for five minutes. So, it’s been really interesting to see how God changes the hearts of people. That’s what got me into it.

Teaching the Bible Creatively

I did a poem called, “My Life as a Stud,” which was my testimony. I started getting so many letters and emails from people in the homosexual lifestyle that was convicted of their sins, and turning to Jesus off of a six-minute poem. They probably heard the same truth at church. But the fact that it was creative or presented in a way that they could understand, because that’s our generation, it changed their lives. I just want to want to teach people and lead people to truth, but do it in the dopest way possible. Dope means awesome, by the way, for those that don’t know.

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, spoken word poet, and hip-hop artist. She is the author of Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. She and her husband, Preston, have three daughters.


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