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How Can I Engage People With God?

Is it possible to bring God into my daily conversations without seeming judgmental or crazy? Can the conversations we have actually point others to God? In this video, Jackie Hill Perry offers three practical ways Christians can engage people with God in their interactions and conversations. According to Jackie, engaging people with God begins with acknowledging God as our Creator, and that we live for Him. It’s also important to point people to humanity’s sinful nature and natural ignorance toward God and the Word. When God and sinful nature are acknowledged, the stage is set to point others to the reconciliation, salvation, and eternal life that is only offered in Jesus Christ for sinners who come to Him in faith.

  1. Acknowledging God as Creator
  2. Recognizing Sinful Nature
  3. Pointing to Reconciliation in Jesus Christ

Engage the Lost in Missions by Starting with God

One way the church could more effectively spread the gospel, I think in communication with people who may be in that lifestyle, is always starting with God. I think everything flows out of that because if you’re having a conversation with somebody and you start with the fact that God is creator and he created you to glorify himself, now all of my arguments flow out of that in the sense of if you were created for him and you’re living because of him, then clearly something needs to change in your lifestyle to make this reality happen. You know what I’m saying?

So starting with God and showing that man like you were created for this God and everything that you’re doing is a rebellion against him. And if you got to go to Genesis and show his characters, it’s like, yo, he was speaking things into existence, like saying stuff and it happened. And this is the God that we just live our life, just kind of acting as if he’s invisible and one day we’ll see him and one day we will have to deal with the way that we’ve treated him in our entire lives.

Restored Relationships

But this is the hope is that God sent his son to reconcile you back to the Father and to restore that relationship. And so though there is condemnation, though there is guilt, there is hope if only you would believe. And I think just engaging people with God. We don’t talk about God enough. We talk about a lot of stuff, a lot of Christianity, a lot of prayer, going to conferences and stuff like that, but expanding people’s view of God where they see him as big, I think that will humble any sinner.

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, spoken word poet, and hip-hop artist. She is the author of Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. She and her husband, Preston, have three daughters.


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