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How Can I Offer Encouragement to Someone Facing Temptation?

How do I graciously respond to and encourage someone going through temptation? What are effective ways to respond and encourage, without being negative or discouraging? In this video, Jackie Hill Perry discusses four ways Christians can offer encouragement to someone facing temptation. When someone you know is being tempted, they should first be reminded and encouraged that temptation is not an abnormal or strange thing – in fact, Jesus Himself was tempted! Christ’s throne of mercy exists for them to plead for help and strength. As you remind them of Christ’s intercession, encourage them to read (or continue to read) God’s Word and reach out to others who can remind them of the gospel and God’s promised mercy.

  1. Not a Strange Thing
  2. Approaching the Throne of Mercy
  3. Read the Bible
  4. Reach Out to Community

Encouraging Someone Facing Temptation

Anyone struggling with temptation, I think to remind yourself that you’re human and not human as a means to justifying any sin, but that this is not strange that you are tempted. You are not by yourself. You’re not just the most sinful person on the universe. No, you’re just human wrapped in flesh and you’re going to be tempted. But to remember that we have a God who was tempted just as we were, yet without sin, and now we can go to the throne of mercy with confidence to receive help in our time of need.

And this isn’t just words on a page, that’s true. It really is true that in temptation, we have help reaching out to people, man. Don’t just sit and allow Satan to just whisper lies to you. When you see something that’s happening, sometimes we don’t want to pick up the Bible. But text somebody, “Yo, preach the gospel to me right now, ’cause I really need it, I really need the truth.”

The Holy Spirit is Strong

Yeah. And that the Holy Spirit is strong. Just believe the Bible. I know that sounds super Christian, but seriously, reading the text and reading it with the perspective that everything that I am reading right here is reality, period. And I think when we approach the text like that, and when we read scripture like that, it gives us a joy, and a peace and an endurance that we may not have had when we’re just focusing and meditating on lies, right? So that’s my encouragement. Read the Bible, believe it’s true. Reach out to community. Trust God. The Holy Spirit will strengthen you.

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, spoken word poet, and hip-hop artist. She is the author of Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. She and her husband, Preston, have three daughters.


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