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How Can I Use My Gifts to Engage With Others?

What does it look like for Christians to use their gifts in the service of others? How can Christians act faithfully in their present moment? In this video, Jackie Hill Perry offers three practical ways Christians can use their gifts to bless and serve others. After identifying their unique gifts and abilities, Christians are called to find ways to use those gifts. Musicians can help lead worship, those skilled with administration can help oversee outreach events, and much more. Regardless of the quality and use of their gifts, each Christian should be faithful in their service, paying little attention to their platform, instead seeking to bless others in whatever way is possible.

  1. Identify Your Gifts
  2. Use Your Gifts
  3. Be Faithful in Service

How Can I Use My Gifts to Engage With Others?

To engage the culture, let’s say you’re in a church and you want to engage the culture, there are different gifts for different people. I think, identify the gifts that God has given you and see in what ways can you use this. Okay, so if you are a artist, let’s say you’re a poet or a rapper, make music, write poems, put it on YouTube, go to the local open mic. Do it. But if you’re more an administrative person, look for people that are serving in that way and serve them. You don’t necessarily have to be in the culture to serve the culture, if that makes any sense. Yeah, just see what gifts God has given you.

If He’s given you gifts of administration or hospitality, use that where God wants you to use it. If He’s given you art as a gift, He wants you to paint, use that, and pray that God will open doors. If not, continue to serve your local body and pay more attention to that than the platform.

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, spoken word poet, and hip-hop artist. She is the author of Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. She and her husband, Preston, have three daughters.


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