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How Jackie Hill Perry Became a Christian

In this video, Jackie Hill Perry testifies of how she found Christ and began to follow Him, finding a life better than anything the world offers. As sin crept into her life time and time again throughout her life, Jackie Hill Perry allowed the world to give her enjoyment from temporary pleasures. When she met Jesus, the war between sin and her soul was no more. Jackie Hill Perry saw her sin, looked at Jesus, and knew he was better. Throughout this video, Jackie Hill Perry discusses what it meant to surrender a life of temporary pleasures and find her true identity in who God created her to be.

  1. Childhood of Hardships
  2. Choosing Worldly Pleasures
  3. A Divine Wake-Up Call

How Jackie Hill Perry Became a Christian

For those that wouldn’t know my story. Not typical, but typical. Raised in a single parent household, had a mother who was really strong but didn’t exhibit much weakness. So I kind of attributed aggression and things like that to being a woman, in a sense, and being meek and humble and lowly as being powerless and wack. Molested around five. Six or seven, had gender confusion very early in life. And I just think and know that it was just sin. You know what I’m saying?

I think there were other things in my life, whether it was the molestation or the fatherlessness that amplified what was just already in me. And so I just kind of grew up with this distrust of men and all this type of stuff. So I got into the homosexual lifestyle around high school, amongst a myriad of other sins that I really enjoyed and found pleasure in.

Jesus is Better

But I did have a conscience that just would not let me be happy completely in it. And so when I was 19, I was just in my bed and I felt God just convict me of my sin. And it was everything I knew about sin and God and Jesus. It wasn’t theoretical anymore. It was really like reality. Like, no, this is true. You will go to hell if you don’t repent of your sins, not just for homosexuality, but your entire life is in rebellion against God. And at the same time that that was true, the gospel became true. I didn’t know repentance and belief and regeneration and propitiation. I knew nothing about that, but I did know that Jesus died for sins and that he said that he would forgive those who would believe in him.

And so I looked at my sin and I looked at Jesus in my mind and saw that he was better, and I just rejected it by grace and faith and stuff like that. But I just rejected it and turned to him. And so ever since then, he’s just continually been working in me. Even with my marriage, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been God using marriage, for me, as a means of making me more of a woman. Using this upcoming child and making me more of a woman where it’s like for so long I embraced the wrong identity when it’s like, no, God wants to make me who he created me to be. So it’s pretty dope.

Jackie Hill Perry is a writer, spoken word poet, and hip-hop artist. She is the author of Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been. She and her husband, Preston, have three daughters.


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