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Good News Is On The Way

Your inbox is filled with bad news every day.




Across the world, pain comes in many forms.

And in places like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and North Korea, bad news isn’t just on social media or TV… it’s on the streets, it’s breaking up homes, it’s attacking churches. 

But God is at work.

Good news is on the way. The work has already begun.

It’s coming in the form of food and training. Education and refugee care. It’s coming through relationships and the local church.

Urgent workers are on the front lines caring for those with the most urgent physical and spiritual needs on the planet. Strategically making disciples, multiplying healthy churches, and providing humanitarian aid. And you’re an integral part of this plan.

Your gift to Urgent fuels the work of indigenous believers who are bringing the good news to people in desperate need.

You’re a part of the plan. A plan to bring the hope of Christ to every nation on earth. Give today and send good news.