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Keep Praying for India

As our month of prayer for India comes to a close, we would like to thank all of you who joined in with us to learn about and pray for our brothers and sisters who face daily persecution for their faith.

We hope that God has used this time of focused prayer to ignite a passion for praying for the nations, and hopefully many of you want to continue to pray for and possibly even serve the peoples of India.

While our blog posts about India are winding down, there are still many ways that you can continue to learn about India and pray for its many people.

If you haven’t already, visit to find prayer updates and requests. You can download the prayer guide and other resources.

Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs are also good resources for you to learn more about persecution around the world. They often share stories and information about India.

The International Mission Board also shares stories and prayer updates from India and other parts of the world. They also have prayer guides and resources you can use to help your church pray for the nations.

Please continue to pray for India and stand with our brothers and sisters who boldly share the gospel even in the threat of persecution.

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