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The Hope of Glory: A Study in Revelation

While many Christians ignore the book of Revelation because it seems so strange, others spend all their time arguing about its various interpretations. Both of these approaches are unfortunate, for here in the last book of the Bible God gives to his people a stunning picture of the glory of Christ and of God’s sovereign rule over history.

In this sermon series on Revelation, Pastor David Platt walks Christians through a book that is often difficult to understand. Revelation warns of eternal judgment for those who side with Satan and pursue the system of the world. The church, on the other hand, is called to persevere in the midst of persecution so that we might obtain our reward in a new heaven and a new earth where we will enjoy God forever.

  1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  2. The Indescribable Christ and His Indestructible Church
  3. Words from Christ to a Church at War
  4. The Glory of the Triune God
  5. Silence in Judgment Amid Shouts of Mercy
  6. The Life of the Christian and the Coming of the Kingdom
  7. Fighting From (Not For) Victory
  8. How Do We Worship God in His Wrath?
  9. The Danger of Worldly Desires
  10. The Hallelujah Chorus
  11. What Ultimately Matters Regarding the Millennium
  12. Consummation of the Kingdom
  13. The End of the Beginning
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