Radical: What the Gospel Demands - Radical

Radical: What the Gospel Demands

In this sermon series, Pastor David Platt shows Christians that the gospel demands us to live sacrificially for the gospel. While American cultural Christianity tends to distort the gospel and leads us to pursue comfort, the Jesus of Scripture has a different message.

In this series that inspired David Platt’s book Radical, we see that following Christ is costly, for we must die to ourselves. Our possessions and even our very lives belong to the One who has called his church, not to chase worldly wealth, but to make disciples of all nations. In the end, we’ll see that this kind of radical abandonment to God’s purposes is where we find true life and satisfaction that lasts.

  1. What the Gospel Demands
  2. The Gospel Demands Radical Sacrifice
  3. The Gospel Demands Radical Compassion
  4. The Gospel Demands Radical Urgency
  5. The Gospel Demands Radical Giving
  6. The Gospel and Radical Abandonment
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