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Lifeblood: The One Thing You Can't Live Without

This series tackles foundational issues about the gospel and the Christian life. What is the gospel? Why is the gospel important? How do I know if I’m saved? How does a person go from being dead in sins to being a citizen of God’s kingdom? What is our identity in Christ? How should we live now that we are children of God?

In this sermon series on the gospel, Pastor David Platt answers these foundational questions about the gospel and its impact on our life. Regardless of whether you’re a mature follower of Christ or an unbeliever, these are truths that, for the sake of eternity, you can’t live without.

  1. The Gospel: Why It’s Important
  2. The Gospel: Who We Are
  3. The Gospel: What We Believe
  4. The Gospel: What We Need
  5. The Gospel: How We Live
  6. The Gospel: How We Know
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