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Impact: Membership in the Local Church

In this sermon series on church membership, Pastor David Platt helps us understand why every Christian should join a biblical church. This sermon series reveals the biblical basis for commitment to membership in the local church and the missional purpose for that membership. A personal commitment to the local body of believers, the church, is consistently revealed throughout the New Testament.

David Platt explores the scriptural picture of the local church by defining the church as the people for whom Christ died and the people that are created by the salvation which Christ brings. In his teaching, he emphasizes the importance of a personal membership commitment in the local church and the biblical directive for the local body of believers to worship biblically, make disciples and have a global impact by sharing the gospel message.

  1. The Gospel and Church Membership
  2. We Glorify Christ
  3. By Making Disciples
  4. Of All Nations
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