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Different to Make a Difference

What’s really different about those who make up the church? Could you pick them out of a crowd? As Christians, we are called to be different to make a difference. What does that mean for us today? In an ever-growing mass of humanity, how will people best see Christ reflected through his church?

In this sermon series on Acts 1–3, Pastor David Platt helps Christians see that they have been set apart to make a difference in their community. We’ll explore what God’s Word says about a people that were so different they turned the whole world upside down. During this series, we will find out how today’s church can echo and amplify the first-century church to impact our world for Christ personally and powerfully.

  1. A Missional Awakening
  2. Speak Boldly
  3. Care Sacrificially
  4. Worship Wholeheartedly
  5. Pray Desperately
  6. Multiply Exponentially
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