Abide - Radical


If you’re a disciple of Jesus, then your abiding in Christ and his abiding in you defines everything about who you are. To abide in Christ means to remain in him. In the church, we often refer to this as walking with Jesus. In this sermon series, Pastor David Platt helps Christians understand how to abide in Christ as a disciple.

We’ll see how the disciple’s mission, mind, emotions, body, will, and relationships are affected by his or her relationship with Jesus. Understanding our identity in Christ is crucial as we seek to follow him faithfully.

  1. The Disciple’s Identity: You in Christ
  2. The Disciple’s Identity: Christ in You
  3. The Disciple’s Mission
  4. The Disciple’s Mind
  5. The Disciple’s Emotions
  6. The Disciple’s Body
  7. The Disciple’s Will
  8. The Disciple’s Relationships
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