The Gospel: Who We Are - Radical
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The Gospel: Who We Are

What is our identity in Christ? How are we made right before a righteous God? In this message on Ephesians 1:3–14, Pastor Deric Thomas warns Christians to place their identity in Christ. The gospel provides us with an everlasting identity as beloved children of God. God has carefully and sovereignly led us to this point and will continue to sustain our lives.

  1. Praise God that he has made us rich in Christ.
  2. Praise God that he has chosen us in Christ.
  3. Praise God that he has predestined us in love through Christ.
  4. Praise God that he has redeemed us in Christ.
  5. Praise God that he has revealed to us his will in Christ.
  6. Praise God that he has given us an inheritance in Christ.
  7. Praise God that he has sealed us in Christ.

Dr. Deric Thomas is the Senior Pastor of Hope Mountain Church in Calera, Alabama. He is a professor at Samford University and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he teaches and trains the next generation of Christian leaders, pastors, ministers, missionaries, and church planters. He is also a Captain and Chaplain in the Army National Guard of Alabama. God has given him the opportunity to do missions and ministry all over the world, but he considers it his highest vocational calling to teach and shepherd God’s people in the local church.


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