God's Heart for the Nations - Radical

God’s Heart for the Nations

God’s Heart for the Nations takes you from Genesis to Revelation in order to see the connection between two critically important themes that are woven together throughout Scripture—God’s blessing and God’s global purpose. In this eight-week study, you’ll be challenged to consider your role in God’s plan of redemption, a plan that involves making disciples among all nations for the glory of God.

  • Week 1: For the Glory of God
  • Week 2: God’s Blessing and Purpose
  • Week 3: God Impacts the Nations as He Blesses His People
  • Week 4: The Psalms and Prophets Reveal God’s Heart for the Nations
  • Week 5: Savior of the World
  • Week 6: His Call to the Nations
  • Week 7: To the Ends of the Earth
  • Week 8: Personal Application

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