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Unengaged, Unreached – The Muslim Gujjars

Imagine being constantly on the move, never settling into a place to call home.

The Muslim Gujjars

This is what the Muslim Gujjars of India face day-to-day as they go from place to place following their herds. The Awadhi-speaking Gujjar nomads are used to only temporary shelters. They are constantly moving around to find food for their animals. Often the authorities run them off and people are angry with them for bringing their livestock around. Yet this people group of 390,000 continue to go from place to place searching for the next day’s meal.

The Muslim Gujjars trace their origins all the way back to the time of Jacob and Esau, where their traditions tell that Ash (Esau) went off to live in the forest after Yaqub (Jacob) got help from his mother to become the next great prophet. Like Ash, the Gujjars love to be in the forests and be closer to Allah.

Pray for the Muslim Gujjars of India to regularly meet Christians as they migrate who will share the love of Christ with them and tell them the Good News. Also, pray for the Gujjars to find lands where they can feed their animals and not worry that the authorities will drive them away.

The Unengaged and Unreached

More than 1.2 billion people live in the country of India, our prayer focus for Secret Church 16: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions.

Out of the 1,469 people groups in India, 477 are unengaged and unreached with the gospel. This means they may be born, live, and die without ever hearing the name of Jesus.

We must do something. You can be a part of these people hearing the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time. In the weeks leading up to Secret Church 16, we will share about a few of these unengaged, unreached people groups who need to hear the gospel. Take time to read about these people. Use the prayer requests to intercede on their behalf. Share this information with others and get them to pray.

Will you stand in the gap and pray for those who have yet to hear of our Savior?

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