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Living for Christ in an Indian Megacity, Part 2

This week we are sharing some personal testimonies of young Indian Christians—about how they came to faith and what they are doing to make Christ known in India. These are true stories, but the names and certain details have been changed to protect their identities.

India is our prayer focus for Secret Church 16: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions. Join us as we learn more about India and how to pray.

In a previous post, we shared how three young Christians came to the faith. This is part two in a series of stories about these believers who are making a difference in India. Stay tuned for more about their lives and ministries and for ways you can pray for them.

The Music Star

Aryan* has found a successful career as a musician. As a Christian in the secular music world, Aryan seeks to make Jesus known by building relationships with others in his field. Here’s what he had to say about sharing the gospel with other musicians and artists in India:

“In my [line of work] people are not stupid. If they can sense you are treating them like a project, you might not say the words but the moment you treat them like, ‘I have something to impart” even if it is Jesus, they can sense that it’s holier than thou pedestal that you are on. You might not say it, but everything about you says, ‘I have something to offer,’ which is beautiful and true, but it is more about your need of the hour as opposed to theirs. So, how I’m a Christian today with my secular friends—I may not be throwing the Bible verses, but I am praying for them. It is way more relational than anything else.”

Revealing Christ in India Through Worship

When Samar* gave his life to Christ, God called him into worship ministry. He married Aadhya (story below) and has held concerts, camps, and programs where hundreds have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Because of his success as a musician, Samar and his team are invited to schools and colleges in the city and rural areas. Samar had this to say about the ministry God has given him and his family:

“I believe we are intentionally shaping culture through some of the music that we make. I’ve gone to some secular colleges where people know music we are producing and there is a small amount of respect at least. So I see that as a tool to influence…and that’s one phase of ministry. But now…we are seeing the Lord bring us to a new phase of ministry which is starting cell groups.”

“One thing that God has been putting on our heart is authenticity…People will follow if they see authenticity. Deep down everyone has a need, which is what brought us to Christ. Everyone knows there is a darkness and there is a light inside, but people struggle to see good examples. Our role is to really live the life out and to just concentrate on the basics—what we see in Acts. We had conversations over the last week…our [church members] opening their home for ministry—for people to come and just fellowship and have a time of relationship. That’s a start of a new phase we are getting into.”

The Visionary for Christ in India

Aadhya* hasn’t lost her love for music and God’s word. She is part of the ministry with her husband to reach people through Christian music and to start cell groups in the city. Aadhya also sees good things happening in the future for women in ministry and says God has given her a passion to see churches planted in other parts of the city. Hear from Aadhya about the dreams God has given her:

“[Women] feel that they are not used…their talents are not really used. So there is a deep need inside they want to do something for Christ. We want our talents to be used…So with the discipleship model it would really help mature these ladies and help them break the whole barrier where they feel that they are not doing anything about their talents…[They will] go and pour out into other people and disciple them. I think the shift will happen soon from just not doing anything and staying quiet to using your talents and what God has put in your heart…It’s about nurturing and encouraging the ladies.”

“There are these pockets in the city that God has shown me that I should, with my team, go in and minister to. I’ve been trying to look at prospective people who have said ‘we want to go in and minister with you.’ When I pass these places I want to claim salvation [for it], that more and more people will come to the Lord…I’m just surprised at the way God is orchestrating things.”

*Names changed for security purposes

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