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How Important is Ethnic Diversity?

Why is ethnic diversity important in the life of Christians? What does the Gospel tell us about ethnic diversity? In this video, Trillia Newbell presents three reasons why ethnic diversity is so important to God and for the church. Christians must first and foremost recognize that Christ did not discriminate when He died on the cross – He died for all who would believe in Him, not for people from a specific ethnic group. Similarly, Christ did not discriminate when He made people – He made all of us in His image, not a certain subset of people. Both of these realities bring us to the importance of diversity in the church – the nations, tribes, and tongues worshiping God together in heaven will be a beautiful picture of the Gospel.

  1. Dying for All
  2. All Made in His Image
  3. The Gospel and Diversity

Jesus Died for Us All

Jesus died for all nations. And that’s what diversity has to do with the gospel. Jesus died for everyone. Everyone who would believe on him and he didn’t discriminate. He didn’t decide, “I’m just going to die for a certain ethnic group.” No, he died for all of us.

And so he came to seek and save the loss, and that’s anyone who would believe. And then, in the beginning, we were created in the image of God. So when he created us, he, again, “I’m just going to create this certain subgroup in the image of God.” No, he created every single person who’s walking this earth in the very image of God.

The Importance of Ethnic Diversity

We are made, all of us, to reflect him. And so the gospel is very much intertwined I believe in this vision of diversity. And then at the end, in Revelation, we see all nations, tribes, tongues will be worshiping together, all of us. And so it is a beautiful picture of the gospel for all nations.

Trillia Newbell is the author of numerous books, including a six-week Bible study on Romans 8, If God Is for Us: The Everlasting Truth of Our Great Salvation. You can find her at


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