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Love Story: A Study in Ruth

The book of Ruth has all the elements of a love story. Tragedy, loss, despair, triumph, hope, loyalty and romance all leading up to climactic conclusion as surprising as it is satisfying. But it’s more than a love story between a woman and the only man who could provide for her and her family. It’s a story within a story, for in the lives of the characters involved in this drama, God is weaving together his plan to redeem his people for his glory.

In this sermon series on Ruth, Pastor David Platt teaches Christians about God’s epic tale of redemption in the story of Ruth. And in the end, it’s a story that reminds us that each of our lives––no matter how ordinary they may sometimes seem and no matter how difficult they may sometimes be––is indeed a part of a plan much larger than ourselves and much more thrilling than we could ever imagine.

  1. The Mystery of Mercy
  2. The Ministry of Mercy
  3. The Risk of Love
  4. The Story of Redemption
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