Covenant Community: A Sermon Series by Pastor David Platt

Covenant Community

As followers of Christ, we are recipients of a new covenant. Christ has bought us with his blood and sealed our salvation for all of eternity. As a result of each of us being in Christ, we are also members of a new community.

In a very real sense, we belong to one another. The covenant that unites us to God also unites us to one another. This separates the church, the body of Christ, from any other institution, organization, club, or relationship that we might have.

In this sermon series, Pastor David Platt teaches us how the church is a covenant community marked by baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We have an eternal bond with one another. In God’s covenant with us, He has designed a covenant community that will display his character to a watching world.

  1. Recipients of a New Covenant
  2. Members of a New Covenant
  3. The Importance of a Covenant in Community
  4. Baptism: Identification with the New Covenant
  5. The Lord’s Supper: Celebration of the New Covenant
  6. A Church in Covenant
  7. God-Centered Community
  8. Open-Handed Community
  9. Redemptive Community
  10. Generosity in Community
  11. Leadership in Community
  12. A Covenant Blessing
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