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That’s why Paul’s… Aug 7, 2011 Second Peter This four-part series through the letter of 2 Peter is preached by Bart Box, a… Jul 10, 2011 NEXT: The Gospel and the Next Generation “He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded… May 8, 2011 Tornadoes and the Trustworthiness of God May 1, 2011 Religion and the Resurrection In this Easter sermon, David Platt answers the question, “How do you become a Christian?”… Apr 24, 2011 Acts More than any other book in the New Testament, the book of Acts provides us… Jan 9, 2011 A Day of Prayer and Fasting May 16, 2010 Story of Love The story of Ruth gives us a beautiful picture of redemption, and as David Platt… Apr 4, 2010 A Chronicle of Redemption From beginning to end, from creation to new creation, the Bible is telling God’s story… Jan 3, 2010 He Came It’s one thing to acknowledge that Christ came as a baby in Bethlehem nearly two… Nov 29, 2009 Global Gospel Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations requires us to look beyond our own… Oct 25, 2009 The Radical Experiment As a new year begins, the Radical Experiment encourages followers of Christ to make the… Sep 13, 2009 Pursuing God's Presence Aug 30, 2009 Faith Works: Living What We Claim to Believe The book of James gives us very practical and pointed instructions about living the Christian… Aug 16, 2009 Biblical Training Why should we pursue biblical training? Why should the Word of God be central in… Aug 2, 2009 Love Story: God's Epic Tale of Redemption The book of Ruth has all the elements of a love story. Tragedy, loss, despair,… Jul 5, 2009 Uncleanliness Next to Godliness Unclean. Dirty. Filthy. Those words produce strong connotations. We may think of the homeless or… Apr 19, 2009 Risen: Easter 2009 In this Easter sermon David Platt identifies the ultimate question in life: Did Jesus rise… Apr 12, 2009 The Life of Christ In this Palm Sunday sermon from Hebrews 1:1-4, David Platt focuses on how the lordship… Apr 5, 2009 Covenant Community As followers of Christ, we are recipients of a new covenant. He has bought us… Mar 1, 2009 Impact The “IMPACT” sermon series reveals the biblical basis for commitment to membership in the local… Feb 1, 2009 Free at Last: The Grace of Christ in Galatians Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  In Galatians we encounter… Nov 30, 2008 We Glorify Christ by Making Disciples of All Nations Nov 16, 2008 What Happens to People Who Never Hear About Jesus? Nov 9, 2008 RADICAL: What the Gospel Demands While American cultural Christianity tends to distort the gospel and leads us to pursue comfort,… Sep 7, 2008 WHY: The Gospel and Suffering These four sermons deal with the topic of suffering in the book of Job.  Hardship… Aug 10, 2008 The Gospel and Church Leadership Aug 3, 2008 Threads: The Gospel and Personal Evangelism How do you weave the message of the Gospel into your everyday life? Join us… Jul 6, 2008 How Do We Respond to Natural Disasters? May 18, 2008 Attachment: The Gospel and Our Families The gospel affects not only our relationship with God but also how we relate to… May 11, 2008 Lifeblood: The One Thing You Can't Live Without This series tackles foundational issues about the gospel and the Christian life. What is the… Mar 30, 2008 Unveiling His Glory Mar 16, 2008 The Glory of His Name Mar 9, 2008 Does God Change His Mind? Mar 2, 2008 Sin in the Camp When we look throughout Church history we see a back and forth flow between two… Feb 3, 2008 A Church Whose God Cannot Rest Jan 27, 2008 Desperate for His Spirit Jan 20, 2008 Resolve In this two-part series David Platt talks about two areas where we need to be… Jan 6, 2008 Twenty Miles Short Dec 30, 2007 3:16  Why did God send His Son to Earth?  As Dr. Platt recounted when traveling abroad… Dec 2, 2007 Global Summit 2007 This four-part series includes sermons and interviews centered around Christ's command to the church to… Nov 4, 2007 Abide If you’re a disciple of Jesus, then your abiding in Christ and His abiding in… Sep 9, 2007 Engage Jesus spent more time with 12 men than He did with everyone else in the… Aug 12, 2007 Declaring God's Glory Among the Nations Aug 5, 2007 Lifeline: Power Through Prayer When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them something, they asked how to pray. Jesus… Jul 8, 2007 Cross Culture The power of the Gospel lies in part that it is truly cross-cultural. As we… May 27, 2007 Awaken Many Christians only associate the word worship with musical styles and preferences. However, Scripture gives… Apr 15, 2007 Adoption: An Easter Story Apr 8, 2007 Moral Failure in the Church Mar 25, 2007 Don't Waste Your Life Mar 18, 2007 Follow Me Learn what "disciple-making" means as Matthew 4:13 becomes the launching point. Jesus taught the disciples… Jan 7, 2007 Incarnation: The Mystery of Christmas "Incarnation" means becoming human. What did it mean, really, for Jesus Christ, God's Son, to… Dec 3, 2006 Foretold Journey through the Old Testament to see how Christ's coming is foretold from Genesis to… Nov 12, 2006 Different to Make a Difference What's really different about those who make up the church? Could you pick them out… Aug 20, 2006 The Glory of Christ in the Next Generation Aug 13, 2006 Radical Restoration The church: a beautiful masterpiece of God's craftsmanship. Perfectly created for a divine purpose. Yet… Jun 11, 2006 Prayer and Persecution Apr 23, 2006 Unstoppable What would happen if the church really took God at His Word? Pastor David Platt… Mar 12, 2006 You Are Not Alone Feb 19, 2006 The Hope of Life after Death Feb 12, 2006 The Ultimate Disconnect Feb 5, 2006 Jesus Is Worthy Of . . . Jan 22, 2006 Is There Glory in a Narrow Gospel? Jan 8, 2006 Ethnocentrism Living in Light of Eternity United by Hope His Cross Hope Happens Mission We Could All Use Some Good News Brook Hills: Vision Our Curse and Goal and Cultural Superiority Peace in the Middle of a Pandemic Unity: The Victory of Jesus Christ over Racism