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Join us for Secret Church 2024 


What is the Gospel?

David Platt explains the Gospel according to Scripture and its implications for personal salvation and global mission.



Secret Church – 2024

Join us for a deep dive into God's epic tale of redemption found in the Book of Ruth and learn how our story is a part of this great story.

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What is Mormonism?

In this episode of the new series In Plain Sight, Selah Vetter helps Christians understand the confusing origins, beliefs, and impact of Mormons around the world.



Why Christianity is Booming in Iran

In this episode of Neighborhoods & Nations, Steven Morales explores the city of Tehran and the history of Persia to understand why life is difficult for Iranian Christians.



Why Does Radical Exist?

A black background with a collage of black and white pictures of the earth, people, and cities with the text "Why Does Radical Exist?"

Jesus calls us to make his glory known among all nations by making disciples and multiplying churches. Today, 3.2 billion people are unreached with the gospel and many of them endure unimaginable suffering. Only 1% of missions dollars and 3% of missionaries go to the unreached. Something has to change! That’s why Radical exists. We exist to equip Christians to be on mission.


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