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Route1520 Helps Men Struggling with Sexual Sin

Route1520 is a ministry that seeks to help people struggling with sexual addiction with the grace of God. In their words, "Route1520 is built on the firm belief that individuals cannot change through mere willpower or simply learning Biblical principles and trying to carry them out. We believe that change takes place in community as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ more deeply into our understanding and into our hearts." So whether it be pornography addiction or any of the sexual sins to which pornography my lead, Route1520 is not content to simply say "try harder" or "do better." That's contrary to the gospel. Instead, they recognize that addiction has deep roots that must be addressed spiritually, therapeutically, and communally in order for individuals to have success in stopping their sinful behavior.

As one of our Counter Culture ministry partners, we are excited to point you toward their EMBARK Men's Recovery Intensive which will take place next month (June 11-14). For any man struggling with pornography or sexual sin, this intensive will serve as an invaluable "jumpstart for the recovery journey." It's not a one-time, drive-thru fix for sexual sin. Rather, this long weekend is aimed at giving men the perspective they need to fight their problem while beginning the healing process.

The short video below may give you some insight into why EMBARK could be an important first step for someone drowning in the throes of sexual addiction.

You can learn more about Route1520 on their website, and you can learn more about registering for the EMBARK Intensive here.

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