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Three Ways to Reach the People of Malaysia

.As our Secret Church prayer focus on Malaysia comes to a close, we hope many of you have gained valuable insight into Malaysia—it’s people, churches, and persecuted believers. God is moving among His church in Malaysia, but there are still so many Malaysians following after gods, traditions, and religions that cannot save them. In this article, we cover ways of reaching the people of Malaysia.

Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about Malaysia and becoming a part of what God is doing there (and among Malaysians around the world). Or maybe, as you learning about and praying for Malaysia, you have been encouraged to continue reaching other peoples and places outside of your culture. There are many ways to be involved in seeing God glorified among the nations. You may want to start with these three basic steps to further explore how you can be involved in God’s work in Malaysia and around the world.

Keep Praying

If we want to see a movement among the ethnic Malays in Malaysia, as well as other Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist Malaysians, we must rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. People can try all the methods and tools that they have, but if God does not work in the hearts of the lost, the gospel will not reach Malaysia.

There are many ways to keep praying for Malaysia and other countries around the world where Christians experience persecution. Open Doors routinely shares news and prayer requests from countries with high levels of persecution. You could also ask your local missions pastor or church leaders if they know of ways you can get up to date prayer information. Maybe you could lead a prayer group for persecuted believers around the world. There are many possibilities, and without prayer, people’s attempts to work for God will fail. Malaysia needs your prayers.

Prayer Guide

We have shared many prayer requests through our blog posts and through our 31-day prayer guide for Malaysia. You can continue to use these requests to ask the Lord to bring salvation to these people. Here are a few more general categories you can use to routinely pray for Malaysia.

  • The Church – The church in Malaysia has been afraid to reach out to ethnic Malays with the gospel. But now they are praying and asking the Lord to show them how to be bold witnesses to all Malaysians, including the ethnic Malay. Pray alongside the church in Malaysia as they seek to be faithful followers of Christ in difficult circumstances.
  • The Ethnic Malay – Only one group in Malaysia is not offered religious freedom. The ethnic Malays are born Muslims and expect to follow Islam all their lives. If they choose another religion, then they could face persecution from their families, communities, and the government. Restrictions on sharing the gospel with Muslims keep Christians fearful and prevent many ethnic Malays from hearing the good news of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Pray for ethnic Malays to have opportunities to hear the gospel. Ask God to open their hearts to receive Christ as their Savior and Lord.
  • Persecuted Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) – Some ethnic Malays have chosen to follow Christ, but they have been thrown out of their families, watched by the government, sent to mediums, or taken to rehabilitation centers. Fear surrounding laws about ethnic Malays has also caused MBBs to be isolated from Christian community, even among themselves. Pray for MBBs to be strong in their faith to withstand persecution and persevere in following Jesus. Pray for them to find Christian community and discipleship so that they can grow in their faith.


Another way that you can directly involve yourself in mission work to reach the people of Malaysia is by giving. The best place to begin looking for ways to give is through your local church. Talk with a church leader about how your church is involves itself in regular giving to both local and international missions. Consider how you can be involve yourself with missions. Ask your pastors if they know how you can help specific projects or organizations that directly work in Malaysia. Resources and personnel are always costly, and your giving can help  provide access to people groups around the world.

Consider a Trip

Today there are many opportunities to physically be a part of getting the gospel to people around the world. If you feel compelled to visit Malaysia (or another place in need) for a mission trip, talk to your church. Many pastors and missions leaders have connections with long-term missions partners overseas.

There are many missions organizations who would love to have more people willing to spend time overseas on mission. People to share  the gospel with the lost, encourage local believers, and work alongside others who serve full-time. Spending any length of time in another culture for the purpose of spreading the gospel can be transformative. Particularly, as you encounter firsthand the people, their needs, and their spiritual condition. Ask for counsel from your church leaders and from trusted Christian friends about your potential involvement in missions.

Join us as we pray for Malaysia through the month of May. Download the prayer guide in order to read stories and hear prayer requests that will help you know better how to pray for Malaysia. Our prayer is that we would see all the peoples, including those in Malaysia, praising our Savior around the throne!

Harper McKay is a global worker in Southeast Asia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.


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