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More Stories of God’s Amazing Grace in Vietnam

During the month of May, we asked you to pray intentionally and specifically for the Christians of Vietnam. We recently shared two stories (Kevin’s and Beth’s) of how God is already answering your prayers. We can see God’s grace in these stories.

God’s Grace in Vietnam

We are excited to share two more amazing stories of how God is calling the peoples of Vietnam to Himself. Rejoice with us over these new brothers and sisters in Christ and continue to pray for many more to respond to the gospel.

Hai’s Father

Hai* accepted the Lord about a year ago. His father was demon-possessed and had a mental illness that sometimes made him so violent that he needed to be chained. During the past month of focused prayer, Hai’s father tried to burn himself with straw and gasoline. Hai asked other believers to intercede for his father. The Lord answered. Not only was Hai’s father healed of his mental sickness, but Hai also had the joy of leading his father to accept Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Qi’s Witness

Qi* is a communist party member and an advisor to the religious police in his town. He participated in many arrests of Christians and confiscation of Christian materials. One day, after hearing a full presentation of the gospel, Qi accepted Jesus. He repented of his wrongdoing in persecuting Christians. Praise God that He has done a miracle in Qi’s life.

Qi now has a secret house group in his home. For safety and discretion, the members read passages of Scripture prior to coming to the weekly meeting. Then they worship and study the Word of God without any materials. During the first week of the prayer emphasis, nine people bowed their knees and confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior in Qi’s town. God is so Great!!!


* Names have been changed

Throughout the recent prayer emphasis, we shared stories on the blog and Scripture and prayer prompts on Facebook and Twitter to help you know how to pray. In addition, we created a daily Prayer Guide for use with your family, small group, or church. We invite you to use these resources as you continue to pray for the peoples of Vietnam.

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