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Laying Loved Ones to Rest

For many Vietnamese people, the place of burial and position of the deceased’s body is of utmost importance. Many loved ones are laid to rest in cemeteries these days. However, single graves on mountainsides, in rice paddies, or even next to houses are prominent in rural areas.

This is because many families consult a special type of fortune teller called a geomancer to determine where and how they should bury their loved ones. The geomancer gives the family the proper location for the burial, which could be in their own village or several miles away. Also important upon burial is the direction in which they place the body.

Many Vietnamese believe that if they do not bury their loved ones in the right place or in the right direction then the spirit of the deceased will be restless and cause problems for the family. Oftentimes families view sickness or financial difficulty as a result of improper burial. They will consult the geomancer again and rebury the dead.

Pray for Vietnamese people who live lives of fear and superstition, especially concerning the spirits of their lost loved ones. Ask that God will give them peace and freedom that come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Harper McKay is a missionary in Malaysia who has served as a guest contributor for Radical covering missions and work among the unreached.

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