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India’s Major Cities: Bangalore

Name: Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Population: 8.6 million

State: Karnataka

Significance: Information Technology Hub


Bengaluru, more commonly called Bangalore, is India’s fifth-largest city and is growing year by year. It is well known as the nation’s leading information technology exporter and has been called the “Silicon Valley of India.”

People from all over India have been relocating to Bangalore in search of steady jobs and a more peaceful life. The city has 21 engineering colleges and greater opportunities for university students. With the influx of people comes issues of sanitation, electricity, and water shortages. Well-kept neighborhoods and large mansions stand next to slums where many families share one small house or tent with barely enough to live on.

Karnataka state, where Bangalore is the capital, is one of the worst areas for Christian persecution in India. However, the church continues to grow in there and the rest of the state.

Pray for the affluent communities there who are in search of fulfillment through possessions. Ask that God would become their one desire. Also, pray for God to strengthen believers in Bangalore and around Karnataka state to stand firm in their faith despite opposition

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