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Hope for Turkey – Update

Recent years have brought many changes to the country of Turkey, our prayer focus for Secret Church 14. As the geographical bridge between the Eastern and Western worlds, Turkey has been a gateway for millions of refugees seeking asylum and safety.

Two years ago, we prayed for the more than 75 million people in Turkey, specifically the two major groups of people, the Turks and Kurds. We heard stories from our persecuted brothers and sisters living in Turkey—making up about 0.1 percent of the population. We focused our prayer on God being glorified in the nation of Turkey among all its peoples.

Today, Turkey remains one of the least reached countries in the world. Changes have brought both opportunities and challenges for ministry among Turks, Kurds and refugees. We recently touched base with workers in Turkey to find out how we could continue to support the country with prayer. Below are five ways you can pray for the peoples of Turkey. 

1. The refugee crisis has greatly affected Turkey.

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that the total number of refugee and asylum seekers in Turkey will rise to 1.9 million by the end of 2015, including 1.7 million Syrian refugees. How believers in Turkey respond to these overwhelming numbers of refugees is critical.

  • Pray for the Lord to open doors for Christians in Turkey to reach out to refugees with compassion and the gospel of Christ.
  • Pray for them to be courageous to engage people of different backgrounds.

2. Turks and Kurds need peace.

Tensions between the two major people groups of Turkey, the Turks and the Kurds have increased in recent months, specifically in the eastern part of the nation. Peace is desperately needed.

  • Pray for relationships to be restored and hearts to be renewed through the hope of the gospel.

3. Identifying with Christ is costly.

The good news is slowly but surely spreading in Turkey, but national believers often struggle to openly declare their faith in Christ.

  • Pray for believers to grow in courage and boldness to identify with Christ.
  • Pray for them to share the hope that they have in Christ with those around them.

4. Politics can not satisfy.

People in Turkey are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with current political situations and national leaders. Tensions are growing stronger.

  • Pray for people to understand that hope is not found in a political leader but in Christ alone.
  • Pray for the peoples of Turkey to hear the gospel and understand that true hope and healing for them and their nation comes from Jesus.

5. Christians are still a minority in Turkey.

Though the gospel is spreading slowly, Turkey is still less than 1 percent evangelical Christian with 38 unreached people groups who have little or no access to the gospel.

  • Pray that the spread of the gospel would increase speedily and hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey would find salvation in Jesus Christ. Read here about someone who recently came to faith.
  • Pray for biblical, reproducing churches to be established all over the country.

For more ways to pray for Turkey and encourage others to pray, order this free prayer booklet on praying for cities in Turkey.

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