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20 Quotes from Secret Church 20

It’s impossible to distill over hours of teaching into a few quotes. However, based on David Platt’s teaching in Secret Church 20, here are twenty quotes that highlight some of the important emphases covered in “God, Government, and the Gospel.” 

Ten Quotes from Secret Church

  1. “There must be room in the church—in any local church—for Christians to disagree over political positions that are less clear in Scripture and not essential to Christianity…”
  2. “Jesus is God in the flesh, the long-awaited King who has come to live a perfect and powerful life, to die a sacrificial and substitutionary death, and to rise from the grave in victory over sin, Satan, and death.”
  3. “The world is not a democracy; the world is a monarchy, and God is King.”
  4. “We don’t make a list of rights; God has all the rights, and we submit to Him.”
  5. “God’s governance promotes love for all peoples, righteousness in all transactions, and care for all who are poor.”
  6. The government of a people is a reflection of the God or gods they serve.” 
  7. “There is no king on earth who is worthy of all our trust.”
  8. “Sexual sin among those who govern is especially serious and carries far-reaching consequences in their governance.”
  9. “No leader in any government will escape justice from God.”
  10. “God is always working for the accomplishment of His purposes, and He is using governments and government leaders toward that end.”

Ten Quotes About God’s Kingdom

  1. “It is possible for pride in our own nation to keep us from compassion for all nations.”
  2. “The kingdom of Jesus is radically different from the kingdoms of this world.”
  3. “The inauguration of Jesus’ kingdom is not when He gets elected. It’s when He gets executed.”
  4. “The proclamation of the gospel may require disobedience to a government.”
  5. “Christians have dual citizenship: we are temporary citizens on earth with eternal citizenship in heaven.”
  6. “Jesus does not tie himself to political parties or candidates; Jesus ties himself to a local church and Christians.”
  7. “Christians are submissive citizens of government and free servants of God.”
  8. “Christians honor Christ by uniting around His Word and refusing to divide over non-essential differences in the world (including non-essential political differences).”
  9. “The pulpit is not the place for political opinions … it’s the place for supernatural declarations.”
  10. “God calls all people in all nations to repent and believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins, turning from all idols to declare allegiance to Jesus alone as King and trusting in Jesus alone as Lord of one’s life.”

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