The Great Imbalance - Session 2 - Radical

Secret Church 21: The Great Imbalance

The Great Imbalance – Session 2

Session 2 Discussion Questions

1. What are some factors that have led to the Great Imbalance? Why do you think so few Christians are aware of the Great Imbalance?

2. Why is it so critical that we see urgent spiritual needs as ultimate? How does this shape the way the church carries out its mission? What’s the danger of making physical needs ultimate?

3. If spiritual needs are ultimate, why should we care about physical needs?

4. Of the different “barriers” to the spread of the gospel that were mentioned, which were new to you? Humanly speaking, which barriers seem most daunting to you?

5. How does our comfort prevent us from having a global vision? What are some practical ways this can change in our lives and in our churches?

6. In what ways have you been reluctant to respond to the command to make disciples among all nations?

7. What’s wrong with refusing to address physical needs among the nations? How can addressing physical needs open doors to addressing spiritual needs?

8. Why must we look to Christ, and not our own power or wisdom, to see gospel barriers overcome? What does it look like practically?

9. What does it mean for a mission field to become a mission force?

10. What’s wrong with a missions strategy that merely aims to get a good “return on investment”? How has this approach to missions helped perpetuate the Great Imbalance?

11. It’s certainly critical that we share the gospel as we engage unreached people groups. Why is it also critical that we do the slow work of discipleship?

12. What things are difficult for you to leave behind—money, comfort, possessions, reputation, etc.—as you think about abandoning everything to follow Christ and to spread his gospel? What promises from God’s Word give you comfort in light of your fears and the things you may have to leave behind?

13. Why is doctrinal weakness so damaging to the church’s mission? How can we guard against it?

14. How does a right view of God motivate obedience to the Great Commission? What about a right view of heaven? What about a right view of hell?

15. How can you use Stratus to strategize about your role in addressing urgent spiritual and physical needs? How might this tool help you and your church pray, give, and go more strategically?

Less than 1% of all money given to missions goes to unreached people and places.*

That means that the people with the most urgent spiritual and physical needs on the planet are receiving the least amount of support. Let's change that!