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Is God Anti-Gay?

Is God anti-gay? What is God’s posture towards homosexuality? In this video, Sam Allberry highlights God’s hatred of all sin and the gift of knowing Christ. Regardless of the sin, Scripture clearly reveals God’s hatred of all of it. However, Allberry points out, God loves the people He made, and He demonstrated that love by sending Christ to die for the sins of the world. Those who come to Him in faith receive the great gift of knowing Christ. Even though God deeply despises sin, He offers grace, love, and kindness to sinners who come to Him in faith.

  1. God’s Hatred of Sin 
  2. God’s Love for Humanity 
  3. The Gift of Knowing Christ

Is God Anti-Gay?

Is God anti-gay? I think that the answer to that is we know God is anti-sin in whatever expression that is in each of our lives, but God is not anti-anyone. He, at the same time, is offering salvation through Christ too. And so whether we are experiencing homosexual feelings or any other kinds of feelings if that offer of knowing Christ is on the table, then actually we can be very sure that God is extending grace and love and kindness to us.

Sam Allberry is a pastor, apologist, and speaker. He is the author of 7 Myths About SinglenessWhy Does God Care Who I Sleep With?, and, most recently, What God Has to Say About Our Bodies. He is in the process of moving to the United States to join the staff at Immanuel Nashville, is a Canon Theologian for the Anglican Church in North America, and is the co-host (with Ray Ortlund) of TGC’s podcast You’re Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Young Pastors.


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