How Do You Pray for India?

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While researching India, our prayer focus for Secret Church 16: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions, we had the privilege to hear from Christians in India about their lives and ministries. 

One important question we asked was “How do you pray for the people of India?”

Read below to hear from Indian believers in their own words. As you read how they lift up India to our Lord, take a moment to join them in prayer. 

For Muslims in India:

We have a prayer request for Muslims because when they come into the church, they are going in because of troubles and problems. When they get relief and all kinds of healing, they go back to their own religion…This is a special prayer request for the Muslim people because they have a lot of problems…They don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, but when they get healing they will go back. They don’t stay with Christ.

For every person in India:

[I pray] that India may know Jesus Christ. I pray [that] every individual, every house, even every country may know Jesus Christ. That’s my prayer.

For the sick and hurting:

Normally, people in India are sick. They have diseases…arthritis and diabetes and also heart [problems]. Unemployment is a lot here. Many people are demon possessed here. 

For people to know Jesus’ teachings:

Today’s generation reads Jesus’ sayings as the sayings of Ghandi. They concealed Jesus and [credited Ghandi for] saying that if anyone strikes on your right cheek, show him the left. It is Jesus who taught nonviolence to the whole world, which our national leader learned and adopted…If Ghandi…uses one word from the Bible of Jesus Christ, how much more if you used the entire teachings of Jesus [would] the entire India be transformed…So that’s my prayer for the people of India, that they should all know the teachings of Jesus, which transforms life.

According to promises in Scripture:

We kind of follow the Revelation book, 7:9-10, which basically says that all the people in this world…they should know about the one true God, the Jesus—that he died for our sins and he rose back after three days and that he’s the son of God. We pray for all these people in India who don’t know the word, who don’t know about God, who don’t know about Jesus. We pray to God that I could find such people and we could share the Word with them easily.

I try to go in [to prayer] like this, “You changed my heart. I want you to change other people’s hearts too so that they will know about you and follow you too.” According to Revelation 7:9-10, it says that all the nations should know about the Word of God. The same way, I want every person in this country to follow God so that they will stand with me after all this.

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