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Worthy to Suffer

“I felt a tremendous joy. I was worthy to suffer for Jesus!”

Open Doors recently shared a prayer update about two sisters in India who have been under heavy persecution for their faith.

Meena and Sunita heard the gospel on the radio and came to faith. They worshipped Jesus in secret for a couple of years until they decided to be baptized in 2006. Once their faith became public, their community rallied against them.

First, their father, pressured by the community, stopped providing them with food and clothing.

A little while later, the villagers decided that Christians couldn’t pick berries. The sisters were robbed after gathering a few buckets.

Then the well was off limits, and the road was designated for non-Christians only.

The persecution got so bad for them that the two sisters were badly beaten with bamboo sticks. Sunita was dragged out of the village and left for dead. When she woke up, she didn’t know what had happened to Meena.

Now living in hiding with the help of Open Doors, Sunita and Meena praise God that they were counted worthy to experience persecution. “The gospel was theory for us, but when persecution comes and you don’t backslide but witness for the Lord, you know it is for real,” said Meena.

Please pray for Meena, Sunita, and others like them who experience persecution for following Jesus.

Read the full prayer update by Open Doors for ways to pray.

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