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Won’t Our Stance On Cultural Issues Harm Our Witness?

As Christians, many of us fear that taking a stance on same-sex marriage, abortion, and other “hot button” issues will hurt our witness. But we were never called to be popular, and the gospel is always the greatest offense in any culture. Won’t our stance on cultural issues harm our witness? In the short video below, David Platt talks about how taking a stance on cultural issues can actually give us opportunities to share the gospel.

Won’t Our Stance On Cultural Issues Harm Our Witness?

This is one of the reasons David Platt was moved to write Counter Culture. The gospel not only demands that we take a stand on cultural issues. But these issues also provide a great opportunity to share the gospel. You can find out more about the book at CounterCultureBook.com. The website recommends resources to help you think through these issues. Also, it gives ministries through which you and your church can tangibly get involved. Whether it be poverty alleviation or defending marriage, the gospel calls us not only to care, but to act.

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