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Well Said: Reviews of ‘Counter Culture’


Collin Hansen: "Counter Culture is the most controversial book I’ve seen in at least the last decade mostly because [David Platt] restates the teaching of Jesus and his Word without any qualifications, with little attempt to cast such demanding beliefs in a way that would appeal to modern readers."

Albert Mohler: "It presents a very direct biblical examination of each of the issues. In every case, Platt argues directly from Scripture and from the strongest resources for Christian moral argument. His cause is moral, but his grounding is consistently biblical and theological."

Tim Challies: "In every case Platt outlines the issue, shows how the gospel speaks to it, and then calls the Christian to action. . . . Inevitably some will wonder how this book compares to his bestselling book Radical, and I would say it has all the passion and intensity, but with far more nuance."

Andy Naselli: "When I read this book on an airplane last fall, parts of it made me cry. All of it fired me up."

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